Are Detox Teas Healthy? How They Work, Benefits, and Side Effects

are detox teas healthy
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Ever wondered how some people stay in shape while looking invigorated? 

While diet, nutrition, and sleep play a huge part in this, some other secrets help. 

If you have heard about the most popular product right now, this question may come into play.

Are detox teas healthy?

For a person unaware of how detox teas work, now is the best time to learn about them.

We have prepared a few must-knows for people who want to try taking detox teas.

What Is Detox Tea?

This is a typical query asked by many. Before you start taking them, it’s essential to know what detox teas are and what they are for. 

Detox teas are created with varying ingredients to help eliminate toxins, lose water weight, and cleanse the organs.

Several phytonutrients work together to detoxify the body.

Most detox teas also have laxative properties that help with weight reduction.

The Origin of Detox Tea

Stanley Burroughs most likely came up with the idea in 1941. The concept started with his idea of a master cleanse.

It is a regime where you start the morning with a drink of warm saltwater. Then, a concoction of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice follows throughout the day. 

After these, you take a laxative tea to cap the night.

This type of cleanse promises to assist you in losing weight and gaining more vitality.

Many people saw the benefits of this cleanse and started innovating it.

Fast forward to more years, companies have started selling their own versions of detox tea. 

At present, the ingredients utilized in creating detox teas have grown. This is the same reason why people who haven’t tried it are hesitant at first.

What Are the Benefits of Detox Teas?

All kinds of detox teas are made for the same reason. Its efficiency and enhanced effects will depend on the choice of ingredients used to make it. 

In general, all detox teas deliver the following benefits:

Better Digestion

There are many individuals who suffer from digestive problems such as gas, bloating, constipation, and nausea.

All of these issues are symptoms of poor digestion. 

Poor digestion often leads to lower absorption of minerals, fats, vitamins, and other essential elements in the body.

Detox beverages help promote healthy digestion by removing waste through natural detoxification of the digestive tract.

In this case, detox teas help alleviate flatulence and mobilize waste, allowing the stomach to be cleansed.

When toxins and impurities are removed from the body in a timely manner, the mechanism of weight reduction is facilitated automatically.

Improved Liver Function

The liver purifies the body as part of the body’s natural cleansing process. Hence, it is critical for our well-being to have the liver remain healthy and working properly. 

The liver helps the body get rid of environmental pollutants, heavy metals, drugs, and alcohol.

This organ is fortified by detox beverages that come in a combination of teas and herbs.

Healthy liver cells and liver functions are sustained thanks to the active elements in ginger, licorice, and rooibos.

Ginger, one of the top ingredients in detox teas, has the potential to control free radicals.

It also helps reduce the degree of fibrosis, recover liver markers, and restore normal hepatic cell growth.

Prevents Food Addiction 

It is critical to control the harmful components of one’s diet, especially when they include meals that cause addiction.

An unhealthy diet usually results in a desire for fast food, sugary products, carbonated drinks, or fatty foods.

With the addition of a few natural substances to detox drinks, hunger and cravings can be curbed.

Detox teas suppress hunger by increasing serotonin levels in the body, which helps give the sense of having a full stomach.

Improved Immune Response

Consuming detox teas with a balanced mix of healthy ingredients make cleansing and detoxification more effective. 

Incorporating this drink into your diet boosts the body’s ability to fight off diseases.

In this state, the body’s cells become more energized and capable of performing more efficiently.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Every day, we come into contact with a slew of pollutants that can damage our hair and skin. 

Pollutants can dry them out, dull them, and weaken their structure.

Drinking a detox drink every morning can protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of pollution while also offering nourishment.

What Are the Common Ingredients Found in Detox Tea? 

Knowing the ingredients found in detox teas can contribute to your peace of mind. 

It is normal to worry about taking in something you are not familiar with. 

However, once you discover the components in detox teas, you will be able to set your expectations.

Identifying its components can help you make decide whether this drink makes a great addition to your existing regimen or not.

Milk Thistle

Taking milk thistle may improve liver function.

Milk thistle includes powerful flavonoids with anti-inflammatory properties. These help boost your liver’s natural ability to assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste products.

Free radical damage to cells is prevented by milk thistle’s antioxidants, lowering your chance of developing diseases like cancer.

Green Tea Extract

Free radicals and oxidative damage can be fought with the help of green tea extract.

For example, green tea extracts may protect the body from environmental contaminants or stress.

It activates enzymes that prevent cell damage and neutralize harmful compounds.


Another popular detox tea ingredient is licorice, a potent antioxidant that protects the body by fighting toxins.

It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial effects, which is why it’s believed to address upper respiratory infections, correct digestive issues, and treat ulcers.

That said, make sure you limit your intake to recommended amounts, as too much licorice can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.


Apart from its culinary use, it also surprisingly works for vomiting and nausea.

Peppermint is quite popular in helping with conditions like IBS and indigestion. It is also particularly beneficial for women experiencing menstrual cramps. 

It is able to control unpleasant spasms, specifically on the digestive tract, uterus, and intestines.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Detox Teas?

Caffeine and other stimulants are common ingredients in some tea blends.

Its other ingredients offer health benefits, but they may sometimes come off as side effects. 

This is because each person’s body is unique and may have different reactions to substances.

Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not have any regulations on detox tea’s components.

Here’s what you need to watch out for when taking detox tea:

Electrolyte Imbalance

Detox teas can induce dehydration in addition to being diuretics. Electrolyte levels in your blood can be affected by this condition. 

It is worth noting that muscle function cannot be achieved without adequate levels of electrolytes.

When the body’s system is out of equilibrium, it can cause painful muscle cramps and even a dangerously erratic heartbeat.


Diarrhea can be caused by detox teas containing senna purgative. 

This condition depletes your body of water and essential electrolytes, including potassium, sodium, and chloride.

Long-term use of detox teas can also affect regular bowel function and digestion. In some cases, it can lead to a toxic colon.

Moreover, there may be a greater risk of getting colorectal cancer if your body grows dependent on its laxative effect.

Hence, it is important to keep the balance between eating fiber-rich food and using detox teas.

Ineffective Absorption

Users of supplements and medications are advised to use caution, as detox teas may decrease their effectiveness. 

Detox tea intake may adversely affect the following:

  • prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • diuretics
  • cardiac medications 
  • high blood pressure medications
  • diabetes medications

Caffeine Overdose

We all want a pick-me-up to get us going through the day. Hence, people sometimes tend to take two or three cups of coffee in the morning.

Caffeinated detox tea might have undesirable side effects if consumed in excess.

Some adverse effects associated with caffeine use include headaches, dizziness, nervousness, and increased heart rate.

In the worst scenarios, medical attention may be called for.


Like with any other product, there needs to be precautions when taking these. 

To narrow it down, here are a couple of conditions that need a physician’s clearance before taking detox tea:

  • Experiencing problems with bowel movement
  • Lactating, breastfeeding, or pregnant women
  • Prone to dehydration
  • Suffering from stomach ulcers or heart problems
  • Has tendencies of forming kidney stones and gallstones
  • Have existing eating disorders
  • Taking medications that are not limited to: 
    • Antidepressants
    • Antacids
    • Immunosuppressants
    • Cholesterol medications
    • Birth control pills
    • Antihistamines
    • Pain relievers

Are Detox Teas Healthy? 

While it is generally safe for many, those with existing health conditions should seek clearance from their physicians.

As detox teas don’t come in an exclusive formula, their effects can vary from one person to another.

With the overwhelming choices available, it is recommended to always go for reputable brands.

A key point to keep in mind would be to check the contents and claims of the detox tea before taking it.

Regardless of why you want to drink detox tea, whether it’s for cleansing, weight loss, or stomach relief, always go for the one you can trust.